Best Bathtub Reviews and Buying Guide

Bathtubs are not only necessary when you need to shower but also come in handy for those who enjoy soaking and relaxing after long day’s activities. Besides, it might be quite daunting to bathe young children in showers. That said, the sky is the limit when it comes to finding the best bathtubs. There is a vast variety of features, styles, shapes, and styles to select from.

With the vast options, narrowing down to one is challenging. Especially if you don’t know the exact features you are looking for, prepare for a tedious hustle. As mentioned before, bathtubs come in a plethora of materials and styles. This is why taking some considerations and looking at the buyer’s guide is of immense importance. Below are some key points and buyers guide when searching for the best bathtub to buy for your bathroom.

Bathtubs Buyers Guide

There are numerous factors you should definitely look into when it comes to choosing top rated bathtubs. These factors will guide you to finding the perfect tub matching your preference.

The type of bathtub

There are several types of bathtubs. They include:

Standard bathtubs

Standard bathtubs come in two common sizes. They are either 60” by 30” or 60” by 32”. However, a rectangular shaped tub may have small dimensions measuring 55” by 24” at the top and 45” by 22” at the bottom. The mentioned dimensions are general for both cast iron and fiberglass tubs. Besides the dimensions, the drain of standard tubs should also be considered. Ensure that the tub has its drain either at the left or right side corresponding to your shower placement and tub faucet.

Claw-footed tubs

Popular since their inception in early 1800, the claw-footed tubs were prominent and associated with Victorian homes bathroom fixtures of that era. Such tubs are typically made from cast iron and vary in size. The expensive nature of these tubs is primarily associated with their porcelain finish applied inside and outside. Individuals seeking to reminiscence the traditional Victorian homes will certainly love this type.

Freestanding tubs

Unlike the standard bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs have no cabinetry or alcove surrounding. Such tubs stand on feet, skirted and encased with custom built panels. They are designed to be self-supporting. They also come in a variety of sizes and colors making them a luxurious focal point of any bathroom.

Soaking bathtubs

This type is deeper and wider compared to conventional tubs. So to say, some units are as long as 6.5 feet thus big enough to accommodate two adults. From the classic enameled cast to the ultra-modern acrylic vessels, the soaking bathtubs come in many different styles. Such models weigh between 225 to 2000 pounds not inclusive of the weight of water. For the tub to fill, you’ll need to empty at most 80 gallons of water. Due to this, heating water could be daunting. Therefore, to solve the heating problem, a hot water booster can be installed to augment the pre-existing water heater.


Whirlpool tubs

These are perhaps among the top bathtubs currently. This tub comes along with an array of therapeutic and relaxing options. Single jets and multiple jets installed behind the walls are the reason for this. Besides, there are wide assortments of shapes, colors, and sizes for this tub. Just to mention, some of the types of whirlpool tubs include the hydro massage which uses pumps to recirculate bath water in strategically jets located tub walls.

The other type is the air massage or air bath tub which uses an air system encased in the tub that produces thousands of gentle bubbles from small holes located at the bottom and top sides of the tub.

Editor’s Choice

American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub

 American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub

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American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub

 American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub

Best Value

Empava 50″ Luxury Modern Bathroom SPA Tub

 Empava 50

Walk in tubs

As the name suggests, these tubs facilitate a physical walk-in. They are a perfect choice for seniors and individuals with mobility issues. It combines safety and revitalizing hydrotherapy. These tubs feature an inbuilt seat and a bar that the user can use when sitting or standing up. Others have massage features which provide therapeutic massage. Besides, these tubs have a quick drain feature that removes water from the tub within two minutes.

Bathtub features.

Different bathtubs have different features. There are several options to choose from. Some of the common features included in the best bathtubs include the following:

Jet/bubbles. Depending on the model, some tubs have jets or bubbles. Key details of these include:

  • Heaters warm water as it bubbles around you. This prevents easy loss of heat.
  • Quieter jets are designed to be as silent as possible.
  • Multiple settings alter jet’s strength.
  • There are jets that massage the feet mounted on the footrests.
  • Warm air moves rotate around the tub as bubble only jets.
  • Bubble jets produce tiny bubbles forming a champagne-like bubbling effect. 

Chromatherapy: lighting in water will always be soothing. Therefore, having LEDs isn’t an exception. The lights should allow for changing light colors that can be adjusted freely. You will, therefore, choose your preferred colors to be it the peaceful pink or soothing blue. Enjoy extra ambiance and relaxation.

Music: many people certainly enjoy some music when bathing. Therefore, speaker panels attached to the bathtub are an added advantage. They send sounds through the water such that you feel vibrations the music produces. Undisputedly, it is an excellent way to unwind and de-stress.

Digital controls: higher end models have touchpads that control temper, jet directions, color effects, jet flow, and music. Quite enticing!!

ADA compliance: Americans with Disabilities have laid down guidelines featuring to make best quality bathtubs safer for everyone. Such features include anti-slip flooring and smooth edges for easy entry and exit.

Tub Construction Materials and Costs.

Best bathtub brands costs vary depending on the place of purchase and its quality. Materials also play a role in determining the cost of the tub. Quality bathtub construction materials include:

  • Fiberglass: fiberglass is light and moldable material. They are least expensive to buy. On the downside, they are easy and prone to scratching.
  • Acrylic. This material features a high-gloss finish with excellent durability. They are medium priced and durable compared to fiberglass. Scratches are also less noticeable.
  • Cast iron. It is a classic material that endures as long as the house stands. Cast iron is heavy weight thus not recommended for large soaking tubs and best suited to underground floors. Cast iron’s enamel finish provides for a variety of colors. It also retains heat better than other materials.
  • Copper. Described as the pinnacle of tub materials, copper provides high-quality bathroom fixtures. It is not only gorgeous but also worth its price.
  • Enameled steel. It is a steel based material covered with porcelain enamel. This results in a low-cost, glossy, smooth and durable finish. They are scratch resistant, don’t stain and easy to clean as well. Colors available for this material are limited and basic.
  • Stone and wood. They are high-end special tub types coming with a huge price tag. Certainly, you would love a tub curved from stone or made from excellently laminated mahogany. 

woman in bath

Bathtub Size and Depth

Despite the various differences highlighted in the above considerations, note that the size and depth is something to watch for. This should be perhaps among the crucial factors. That said, average height persons should consider tubs not more than 5 feet. Taller people, on the other hand, can find tubs of 6 foot comfortable.


The color of the bathtub is an essential factor especially when complementing the bathroom décor is your primary goal. You will find that white tubs are prevalent compared to other colors. This is because they suit any type of bathroom finish. Besides, white induces a feeling of peace and calmness. These are essentials when you need a relaxed environment. Cleanliness of the tub can also be maximized with a white tub. Nevertheless, go for high quality bathtub color of your preference.

Bathtub Designs

Bathtubs come in various designs. Rectangular shapes are the prevalent tub design. However, many other options are available currently. Every design suits well to specific bathroom styles. For instance, rectangular tubs are a perfect choice for square walls. Circular tubs are a match with corners. Square tubs can suit anywhere. Nonetheless, find a tub that fits into your bathroom space. Design choice is a factor that showcases your personality.

Bathtub Safety

Bathroom accidents are common. People slip or fall in their bathrooms resulting in bumps and bruises or head traumas. Therefore, safety is of immense importance when searching for a perfect bathtub. This pertains the inner surface of the bathtub. Several designs have varying inner surface finish. Ensure and prioritize that the tub you go for has a textured and slip resistant finish that prevents slippage and sliding. Consider various analysis on safety bathtub ratings to find the best.

Installation Process

You would certainly prefer a bathtub that take no time and easy to install. This is why you should be well equipped with installation knowledge before you buy the tub. Drains, bathroom walls and floors are the main installation procedures to note.


Though not a huge factor, manufacturer’s warranty should also be considered. The best bathtub manufacturers would give lifetime warranty for their tubs. This is based on the premise that tubs last a lifetime. Having a look into the various bathtub reviews in legit websites and stores can guide you in finding tub warranty.


Purchasing a bathtub without fixtures isn’t complete. Drains are essential fixtures of the tub. Ensure that the drain outlet is positioned in a way that will fit your bathroom. Faucets should also be considered. Whereas some tubs come with built-in faucets, others lack them. Therefore, you should be aware of how to fix them.

The information provided above will be of immense importance in providing some basic understanding to buyers seeking to purchase bathtubs. Certainly, with the right knowledge, right decisions prevail. That said, below are some highlights on the 14 best bathtubs.

The American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bathtub

The Cambridge Americast 5-foot bathtub is all you need in your bathroom for longer and relaxing baths. It can also work perfectly for bathing children as well. Made from the Americast material, it is 50% lighter and more durable compared to the traditional cast iron. This tub is available in bone, linen and white finish. It is conveniently designed, inclusive of the integral apron suitable for a three-wall installation. It also has a slip-resistant finish thus promoting user safety.

American Standard


Features of the American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bathtub

  • Made from a durable Americast material that enhances better damage resistance, better heat retention, and less sound emission.
  • 50% lighter than cast iron
  • Has an integral apron for convenience.
  • Has a right-hand outlet
  • Has a slip resistant tub floor for better safety.
  • 14 inches of soaking depth.
  • 60 inches by 32 inches dimensions 

Pros of American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub

  • Americast construction: americast is the current revolutionary alternative to cast iron. This material features various advantages over cast iron tubs.
  • Easy installation. Installing the American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub is pretty easy. Its lightweight nature is something you should take advantage of. Building a supportive platform isn’t necessary due to the presence of an integral apron.
  • Stylish comfort. Not only is the American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub easy to install but also comes with a classy design for better comfort. The bathtub is gently curved with a single, linear contour. It also features a supportive contour and a beveled headrest that provides a pleasurable bathing experience.
  • Designed with user preference in mind. The Cambridge tub has a well-designed slip-resistant floor. Therefore, there is no need of having a mat to prevent slippage. The tub also complies with the ADA recommendations with an installed bath seat. 

Cons of American Standard Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub

  • Has special cleaning instructions for enhanced longevity.
  • Does not have a tube faucet.

The Kohler K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot White Tub

Taking its design cues from the know traditional craftsman furniture, the Archer line of baths are nothing less than beveled edges and curved bases. The tub ascertains a clean and sophisticated style. It provides a deep soaking experience and a relaxing bath experience. Entering and exiting the Kohler K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot White Tub is quite easy. There is a unique slotted overflow that ensures that water levels are maintained at the same level of 20”.

The dimensions of this tub are 60” by 32” by 19”. Its unique design with an arm rest and lumbar support feature provides excellent support for the back. It also has a textured bottom that prevents slipping. Some of the premier colors of the Kohler K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot White Tub include white, thunder gray, almond, sandbar, biscuit, ice gray, black, dune and cashmere. With these, there is a color for every bathroom décor and buyer preference.

KOHLER K-1123-LA-0


Features of the Kohler K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot White Tub

  • Has a left-hand drain
  • Has slotted overflow that allows for deep soaking.
  • Has an integral apron and integral flange which prevents water from seeping through the behind wall.
  • Has a molded lumbar support for extra comfort. Perhaps the reason it is among the best bathtubs.

Pros of Kohler K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot White Tub

  • Beneficial drop-in installation/easy to install
  • Made from acrylic material
  • Available in several colors
  • Provides utmost comfort and support to the back
  • The tub is sturdy
  • Quality and easy to clean
  • Comparatively lightweight

Cons of Kohler K-1123-0 Archer 5-Foot White Tub

  • Some people consider this tub slightly narrow

The American Standard Evolution Deep Soak Bathing Pool

Developed by the American standard, thus tub has many features that ascertain great comfort for the user. Bathtub aficionados define this model as the most redefining bathtub water immersion. The American Standard Evolution Deep Soak tub augers undoubtedly well with any casual bathroom décor. So to say, the tub is made from fiberglass reinforced with acrylic. This provides extra strength. The tub also has dual armrests and a backrest for additional comfort.

The evolution tub comes as either a drop-in or alcove design with an optional apron. You can choose the optional apron as it will save on installation costs and time. The American Standard Evolution Deep Soak comes in several colors. Some of the common colors include:

  • Arctic white
  • Linen
  • White
  • Bone

The American Standard Evolution


Crucial Features of the American Standard Evolution Deep Soak

Epic immersion capabilities. The tub has a staggering 18’ depth. This is the height between the bathing well floor and water escape orifice. Comparatively, this is 3” deeper than conventional models. Having this at your disposal is something to behold. This is perhaps the reason behind its “deep soaking bathing pool” name.

“A” material composition. As mentioned, the American Standard Evolution Deep Soak tub is made from acrylic reinforced with fiberglass. This provides not only extra strength but also amazing durability.

Has armrests molded in the inner walls. The feeling of having your hands laid on the comfortable armrest while deep in water is certainly breathtaking. This makes you feel like you are bathing in your personalized armchair.

Backrest support. Backrests provided by the Evolution tub augers well with the armrests. This will enable you to complete the whole experience of true relaxation and disconnection.

Simple, yet adaptable design. As mentioned before, you can combine this style with casual room décor without being out of place.

Pros of the American Standard Evolution Deep Soak Tub

  • Great comfort
  • Amazing design with sturdy design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Drop-in alcove with an optional apron.
  • Has a pre-leveled tub bottom

Cons of the American Standard Evolution Deep Soak

  • Some users think the tub is shorter and narrow.
  • Depth could be hard for kids
  • Slippery

The American standard 2764014M 202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub

The American standard 2764014M 202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub reminiscence the tub tradition of practicality and functionality. This model adds up to the extra deep bathing cadet suites. The tub features a sleek and contemporary styling that augers well with both classic and modern bathroom décor. Besides, this, the model comes with a tube filler coupled with a hand spray and drain.

American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub


Features of the American standard 2764014M 202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub

  • Has a pre-leveled bottom
  • Highly glossy acrylic enhanced with Fiberglass reinforcement
  • Is a soaking tub with an extra deep bathing well
  • Amusing sleek contemporary design
  • Is slip-resistant
  • Freestanding in nature
  • Dimensions of 64” by 30” and 21” deep accommodating 58 gallons of water

Pros of the American standard 2764014M 202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy in nature
  • Has a good capacity (58 gallons)
  • Is relatively affordable

Cons of American standard 2764014M 202.011 Cadet Freestanding Tub

  • Difficult to install

The AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

AKDY are one of the best bathtub manufacturers. They bring to the market freestanding tubs with exceptional peaceful tranquility and ergonomic PureScape. With world class features and ergonomic features, the AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub certainly makes to the list of the few luxury tubs available. Not only are they pleasing to the eye but also exceptional to soak in.

You can slide comfortably into this kingly tub with asymmetrical design functioning as a backrest. Its material, precisely molded white acrylic, depicts its breezy, coastal style. Sinking to the tub washes away your stress and tension from normal day’s activities. So to say, the words beautiful contemporary freestanding tub fits the overall description of this tub.

Acrylic Bathtub


Features of AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

  • Made from a premium quality acrylic material for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Has a striking upscale modern design.
  • Has adjustable metal for comfort and stability.
  • Extra deep to allow full-body immersion.
  • Its non-porous surface allows excellent hygiene and easy cleaning.
  • Has a centered drain placement.
  • Has a free-standing configuration.
  • Made with cutting edge technology
  • Manufacturers provide a one-year warranty.

Pros of the AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

  • Available in a serenity of collections
  • Warmer and comfortable
  • Has anti-bacterial surface with a high gloss finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Has an adjustable tub faucet

Cons of AKDY F278 Bathroom White Color Free Standing Acrylic Bathtub

  • Drain slow
  • Has no air outlet to ease circulation

The KOHLER K-1150 LA-O Bancroft 5-Foot Bathtub

The KOHLER K-1150 LA-O Bancroft 5-Foot Bathtub adds to the endless list of Kohler designs thrown in the market by this amazing manufacturer. Like other designs, this bathtub allows you to settle and achieve a relaxing soak in its classic style. Just to mention, the KOHLER K-1150 LA-O Bancroft 5-Foot Bathtub draws its design inspirations from the simple elegance of 1900s American architecture. These tubs deliver a multitude of bathing experience.

Bancroft 5-Foot Bathtub


Features of the KOHLER K-1150 LA-O Bancroft 5-Foot Bathtub

  • Has a molded lumbar support for better comfort while bathing.
  • Compounded by an integral flange that prevents water from seeping water to behind walls.
  • Has a left-hand drain.
  • Made from acrylic materials thus ascertaining strength and durability.
  • Comes with an integral apron.
  • Best used in guest bathrooms, modern and small bathrooms.

Pros of KOHLER K-1150 LA-O Bancroft 5-Foot Bathtub

  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight thus convenient
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has a nice/attractive design
  • Has a good capacity.
  • Sturdy construction/built.

Cons of KOHLER K-1150 LA-O Bancroft 5-Foot Bathtub

  • Compounded by drainage problems

The AKDY F277 Bathroom Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Adding up to the list of AKDY bathtubs, the AKDY F277 Bathroom Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub presents yet another versatile and enticing tub for home use. AKDY manufacturers are known widely for their excellence in the manufacturer of the best bathtubs. This eases the overall installation process, ease of use and cleaning. Besides, a freestanding tub has a nice and intriguing appearance which is pleasing to the eye.

AKDY F277 Bathroom


Features of the AKDY F277 Bathroom Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Made from acrylic material thus ascertains strength and durability.
  • Measures 66” by 33” and 24” deep.
  • Has a left sided drain.
  • Extra porous for easy cleaning.
  • 24” deep allowing full body immersion.
  • Accommodates 95 gallons of water
  • Quality finish preventing slips.
  • Manufacturers provide a one-year warranty

Pros of AKDY F277 Bathroom Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Is freestanding thus ease of installation
  • Has a nice and attractive design
  • Easy to clean
  • 95-gallon size allows full body soaking
  • Has an adjustable faucet
  • Made from the finest materials
  • Comes in multiple sizes big enough for any family size

Cons of the AKDY F277 Bathroom Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • AKDY tubs are known for drain defects. However, they can be easily fixed.
  • Tub filler is not included as part of the accessories.

The OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

The OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub provides an excellent basis for creating a striking focal point in your modern bathroom. Not only is the modern design something to awe but is also compounded by its sleek design with defined lines that certainly complements your décor. Freestanding bathtubs are among the tubs causing ripples in the market. So to say, they complement any bathroom décor making it seem more spacious.

As the name suggests. The tub is made from acrylic material reinforced with fiberglass. They are completed with a durable finish that neither stains nor fade. The tub has a center drain including waste and overflow that ascertains convenient and easy installation. Concerning its design, something of excellent quality is expected from OVE.

OVE tubs are rated among the best bathtubs due to its outstanding product quality, refined materials both at affordable prices. Their tubs are a product of meticulously combined materials with steadfast determination of providing exceptional products quality of high standards.

Ove Decors Rachel


Features of OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Measures 70” by 34.3” and 30” deep.
  • Accommodates between 50-60 gallons of water.
  • Made from durable, long lasting and 100% acrylic material with fiberglass reinforcement.
  • Has a premium pop-up centered drain with an overflow included.
  • Weighs 130lbs thus relatively portable.
  • Has four adjustable leveling feet that stabilize the bathtub preventing it from regular shifting and cracking.
  • Has a 5-year warranty.

Pros of OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • An excellent soaking tub that fits the bill.
  • Great modern design.
  • Made from acrylic reinforced with fiberglass.
  • Has an overflow feature
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Extra deep thus provides a full soaking experience.

Cons of OVE Rachel 70-Inch Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Has no jets
  • Extra lightweight thus can easily move without proper installation.

The KOHLER K-1100-LA-O Expanse Curved Integral Apron Bath

The KOHLER K-1100-LA-O Expanse Curved Integral Apron Bath provides a better option of updating your space. Relieve your day stressors and relax as you sink into this alcove retreat. It has an attractively curved apron that provides extra space for full body soaking. Like other KOHLER designs, it provides nothing less than luxurious bathing experience coupled with its 5-foot design. It also has a textured bottom thus enhances safety by preventing slippage.



Features of KOHLER K-1100-LA-O Expanse Curved Integral Apron Bath

  • Features acrylic construction thus enhanced durability and strength.
  • Offers a 3-wall alcove installation
  • Has a left-hand drain
  • Has an integral flange that protects the walls from water damage.
  • Measures 60” long by 38” wide and 13” deep.
  • Has a maximum water capacity of 60 gallons.

Pros of KOHLER K-1100-LA-O Expanse Curved Integral Apron Bath

  • Looks great with a nice design
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy once fitted
  • Easy to clean
  • Textured bottom surface enhances safety

Cons of KOHLER K-1100-LA-O Expanse Curved Integral Apron Bath

  • Not suitable for family tubs as they have a maximum capacity of 1 person
  • Comparatively shallow

The Kardiel HB-BT ALEXDRIA 67 RO Helixbath Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

Despite its recent inception, the Kardiel HB-BT ALEXDRIA 67 RO Helixbath Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub provides an absolute perfection when it comes to modern bathtub designs. It is one of the most sought-after tub designs in Europe and overally among the best bathtubs in the Helixbath line of products. This tub has a clean mix of modern aesthetic touches combined with a single slipper soaking design. This slipper design sweeps outwards adding to its exquisite overall shape.

The tub also has a naturally curving angle that supports the user’s back. This enables you to attain a relaxing and extended soaking experience. When it comes to cleaning, the Kardiel HB-BT ALEXDRIA 67 RO Helixbath, Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub has a resistant finish with stainless steel frame. So to say, this is the absolute definition of beautiful longevity.



Features of Kardiel HB-BT ALEXDRIA 67 RO Helixbath Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Is a freestanding acrylic tub
  • Has a left drain placement
  • Accommodates 58 gallons of water
  • Has a chrome plated toe-tap drain stopper with copper and steel drain pipe.
  • Fade resistant with a brilliant white, high gloss finish.
  • Comes with a rectangular overflow.
  • Measures 67” by 31.5” wide and 31.5” deep.
  • Weighs 123 pounds.
  • Excellent for soaking bath therapies.
  • Has no seat included.

Pros of Kardiel HB-BT ALEXDRIA 67 RO Helixbath Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Easy to install
  • Acrylic material ensures strength and durability
  • Fade resistant
  • Easy to clean as it is non-porous
  • Extra depth for great soaking experience

Cons of Kardiel HB-BT ALEXDRIA 67 RO Helixbath Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub

  • Has no faucet included
  • Does not comply with ADA guidelines as it has no seat

Deluxe Ellas Bubbles Dual Massage Acrylic Bathtub

The Deluxe Ellas Bubbles Dual Massage Acrylic Bathtub is a luxury, spacious, elegant walk in tub that comes at an affordable price. The tub is designed to fulfill the need of having a smaller walk in tub. The tub offers a flexible rubber backrest, lowers the step of threshold and a sleek finish. It also has a textured slip resistant floor and dual safety grab bars.

Ella acrylic tubs are made from high grade cast acrylic with excellent clean gloss finish reinforced with fiberglass. It also has a stainless-steel frame and leveling legs that enhance its durability and ease of installation. Additionally, the tub comes with 22 strategically positioned air and hydro jets that provide utmost massage. The Jets are compounded by an airline water heater, anti-scald thermostatic control valve, and an ozone sterilization system.

Being among the best bathtubs and top bathtub brands, the Deluxe Ellas Bubbles Dual Massage Acrylic Bathtub has LED multiple control chromotherapy light with on and off controls. It also has a flow rate control for hydromassage. Such designer controls and chrome fixtures put the final touches of this relaxing and therapeutic bathing experience.

Ella Deluxe Soaking Acrylic


Features of Deluxe Ellas Bubbles Dual Massage Acrylic Bathtub

  • Measures 55” long, 29.5” wide and 38” deep.
  • Made from cast acrylic high gloss with fiberglass gel-coat that provides for easy cleaning.
  • Has 2 overflows and 2 incoming supply lines.
  • Has 2 ADA compliant safety grabs
  • Has textured floors preventing slippage.
  • Composed of 12 hydro and 10 air jets.
  • Has an easily controlled/ button controlled ozone sterilization system.
  • Manufacturers provide a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Has detachable wide backrest providing comfortable back support.

Pros of Deluxe Ellas Bubbles Dual Massage Acrylic Bathtub

  • Easy to clean
  • Has lots of features, easy controls and of nice design
  • Compliant with ADA requirements
  • Provides massage therapy through hydro and air jets
  • 38” depth provides full body soaking

Cons of Deluxe Ellas Bubbles Dual Massage Acrylic Bathtub

  • Relatively expensive
  • Relatively difficult to install

The Empava ABM011 Luxury Modern Bathroom Bathtub

This is an ultra-modern acrylic jacuzzi manufactured by Empava. It helps you relax as you unwind various stressors of the day. Categorized as the second luxurious bathtub, Empava ABM011 Luxury Modern Bathroom certainly achieves a striking focal point in your bathroom. It has a sleek design with defined lines that complement your bathroom décor besides making the bathroom seem spacious.

This model is made from acrylic materials reinforced with fiberglass. Factually, any tub made from acrylic materials reinforced by fiberglass ascertains a durable finish. Besides, it also resists fading and stains. The tub has waste and overflow channels for convenience.

Empava ABM011


Features of Empava ABM011 Luxury Modern Bathroom Bathtub

  • Dimensions of 47.24” long, 31.49” wide and 30.70” deep.
  • Made from 100% glossy acrylic material.
  • Manufacturers provide one-year parts warranty.
  • Has a capacity of 210 liters.
  • Includes a drain, overflow but with no tub filler.
  • Comes with 7-hi output spa jets, faucets, knobs and a shower head.

Pros of Empava ABM011 Luxury Modern Bathroom Bathtub

  • Easy to install
  • Made with fiberglass coated acrylic thus long-lasting durability
  • Extra deep for full body immersion

Cons of Empava ABM011 Luxury Modern Bathroom Bathtub

  • Has no tub filler
  • Relatively expensive

The ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower Bathtub

This is yet another luxurious that combines steam shower with whirlpool bathtub. It is a 2-person unit with built-in seats, steps and handheld shower heads thus complying fully with ADA regulations. Additionally, the unit has storage shelves, decorative lights around the showerheads, dual layer rack and 10 hydromassage jets. Like similar tub types, this tub uses chromotherapy lighting and a 3kW generator.

The ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower Bathtub also comes with a foot massager that provides utmost pleasure. Not only will it provide full periods of enjoying from luxury steam but also has health benefits of acupressure and soothing effects.



Features of ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower Bathtub

  • Has a steamy sauna. Its high speed and efficiency steam engine provide high temperatures which are beneficial to the body. Enhanced blood circulation, reduced fatigue, curative effects and rejuvenated physical strength are just but a few benefits to mention.
  • Provides acupuncture massage. Specially designed nozzles and strategically placed hydraulic channels within the tub target acupuncture and tendon points in the body. Sitting back against the hydromassage jets provides acupuncture massage for both lower and upper back muscles.
  • Has a rainfall ceiling shower.
  • Dimensionally measures 63” by 63” and 89” deep.
  • Provides real temperature display
  • Inbuilt seating area
  • Fitted with a 3Kw generator.

Pros of ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower Bathtub

  • Provides acupuncture massage
  • Fully compliant with ADA recommendations.
  • Provides foot massage
  • Easy to clean
  • Long lasting and durable due to the fitted acrylic make

Cons of ARIEL WS-608A Steam Shower Bathtub

  • Relatively expensive
  • Quite daunting to install

The Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Bathtub

The Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Bathtub is an alcove tub manufactured by Aqua Eden collections. It is a great choice for those searching for a simple tub with left or right-hand drain. It is constructed purely from acrylic materials thus making it a durable and reliable tub. It provides exceptional soak, thanks to its 64-gallon tub capacity.

The Kingston Brass VTDE603122L


Features of Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Bathtub

  • Is a freestanding tub
  • Can be installed with a shower
  • Has an alcove tub with apron
  • Made from acrylic reinforced with fiberglass
  • Overall dimensions of 60” by 31” by 22” deep.

Pros of Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Bathtub

  • Lightweight and strong weighing only 94.8 pounds.
  • Highly resistant to stains
  • Reinforced with fiberglass for greater warmth retention
  • Easy to clean

Cons of Kingston Brass VTDE603122L 60-Inch Bathtub

  • Has no lumbar support
  • Risks of slippage as the bottom isn’t textured.


Factually, nothing beats that better feeling of soaking and relaxing in a hot bath after a long and rather rough day. Whereas other people prefer standing in their showers, others like feeling that water beat down on them and others soaking with their bodies fully immersed in a tub. If you fall in the latter fold, note that finding the best bathtubs is the daunting task.

However, this can be eased by the going through the descriptions provided above on the best bathtubs to buy. Style your bathroom as well as increase your home’s value by finding the perfect model.