20 Wondrous Plants for a Green Bathroom

20 Wondrous Plants for a Green BathroomDid you know that having plants in your bathroom can be a great way to brighten the room up and make it cleaner and fresher? It’s true! But you have to know which are the best plants to buy and cultivate in this room of your house.

One thing to remember here is that the tap water in your bathroom may be too hard or alkaline for your plants. It has too much calcium along with too much fluoride and chlorine. So even if you have bathroom plants, don’t just use the tap to water them. In the conclusion, I’ll tell you how to use the tap without giving your plants hard, alkaline water.

Here are the best plants that will do well in your bathroom.

20 Best Plants for a Green Bathroom

1. Begonia

If you’d like to have flowers instead of basic green plants, the begonia looks beautiful in a bathroom setting. It does well even in winter and will even adore fluorescent lighting if you have it.

2. Sansevieria or “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”

This is a super low-maintenance plant and helps to filter out formaldehyde, which is common in some products used for cleaning.

3. Trees

You might be surprised that trees are on this list, but in fact, trees can do quite well in bathrooms as long as they have some sort of light on a regular basis and enough space for them.

4. Bamboo

This plant will keep you calm and Zen-like while you have your relaxing bath. It doesn’t need soil, and it sits in water, so adding more is not necessary most of the time.

5. Peace LilyPeace Lily

The lily is great at filtering chemicals and toxins from the air, and it doesn’t need a lot of nurturing. It likes moist places and will do well out of the sun.

6. Aspidistra or “Cast Iron Plant”

This one will do well even if you forget all about it. It is hardy in all locations and even likes shade.

7. Spider Plant

This only needs water about once a week, and it will sprout new buds that make great gifts to family or friends.


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8. Philodendrons

Philodendrons like only medium light because they grow at the bottoms of forests and jungles just like ferns. They also love the warm atmosphere in your bathroom, so the more humid, the better.

9. Chinese Evergreen

This is a tropical plant that is native to China, and it’s super durable. It doesn’t need direct sunlight and loves the humid and warm temperatures in the bathroom.

10. Dracaena or “Dragon Plant”

The dragon plant is originally from the tropics, and it loves humidity, so it will do extremely well in your bathroom. It’s also slim and elegant.

11. Ivy

Your bathroom will look like an east coast university building if you let the ivy take over, and maybe you’ll want to! This is an extremely resilient plant and loves to scale high places.

12. Azalea

Azaleas have a vibrant pink color, and even though they do wonderfully with a lot of humidity, they do like the sun, so keep them well-lit.

13. Ferns

Ferns grow naturally at the bottoms of forests, so they do well with little light. Put them in a small and even dark corner in your bathroom, and it will do fine.

14. Kimberly Fern

This is a variation of a fern, but it likes more light, so if you have a bathroom with large windows and longs of great light, try the Kimberly fern.

15. OrchidOrchid

Orchids are gorgeous and require almost no care. Every once in a while, put a few ice cubes in its tray, but don’t worry about it dying or browning. It also lasts forever.

16. Gardenia

Gardenias have wonderful blooms of bright white flowers, and they tend to like a lot of light, so put them near a window when you can.

17. Asparagus Fern

Here’s another type of fern that will do well in your bathroom, but again put it where it will have enough light as it does better than other low-light ferns when it’s near a window or sunlight.

18. Aloe Vera

This is a rather odd looking plant, but its uses are ancient. It’s a great one to have around in case you have a cut or burn too! It needs hardly any help and looks great in a bathroom.

19. ZZ Plant

This plant will last forever, and it’s also called the eternity plant for that. It has lovely oval leaves that make any space look cheered up.

20. Pothos

This plant has leaves that are shaped like hearts and likes the humidity, indirect sunlight and hot temperatures. This plant can get out of control when it’s doing well, so make sure to hang it higher and prune when needed.


In a bathroom, you and your family take showers and baths, use the restroom and use the sink and faucet a lot. Because of this, the plants there should be able to withstand a lot of humidity in the air as well as warm temperatures. Sometimes, there is low light in bathrooms as well.

Fortunately, there are many that do well as you can see, so it’s only a matter of finding the ones you like.

When it comes to watering, don’t use straight tap water. Instead, let tap water sit in a watering can for a few hours to let the salts and calcium settle to the bottom. Use only the top 3/4 of the can for watering.

All of the twenty plants that are listed above will do great in your bathroom, so what are you waiting for? Go plant shopping for your bathroom!