10 Gorgeous Bathroom Design Ideas

10-gorgeous-bathroom-design-ideas-trueHave you got a bathroom that needs remodeling? Maybe you don’t need to put it entirely back together, but you want to add some features that make it feel more like home and more like a room you can be proud to show guests.

Bathrooms can be notoriously difficult to design and decorate because they’re often smaller than you want them to be. They need to be functional so that taking a bath, brushing your teeth before bed or simply getting ready for work in the morning are relatively enjoyable experiences.

In order to make this happen, it’s important that you focus on both design and function when adding and modifying features in your bathroom. Here are our top 10 ideas!

Our Top 10 Fascinating Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Add More Mirrors Wherever You Can

Mirrors always add depth to a room, so use them wherever you can. If you can put mirrors on opposite sides of the wall, it will open up the room even more and make it look bigger than it is. The great thing about this design tip is that mirrors are an inexpensive purchase to make but can do so much for a room.

2. A Wall of Hooks Makes Dressing a Breeze

When taking a shower or a bath or just getting ready for the day, you’ll likely be changing in the bathroom, yet there’s often limited space to put your things. This is where hooks come in extra handy. Create a line of hooks on the back of the bathroom door, or make an entire wall of hooks for ease of use.

3. Keep Things Hidden When Possible

Again, smaller bathrooms often feel cluttered with all of the things that one needs there. You don’t want to be staring at walls of shampoos, lotions and other bathroom products, so keep storage hidden when you can. If you don’t have a lot of cupboard space, try adding curtains to open cupboards to keep things looking need.

4. Pops of Color Are Perfect for the Bathroom

Too much color and clutter can make your bathroom feel and look messy, so just stick to little pops of color against a more neutral background such as white or cream. You’ll want to choose colors that you truly like, but don’t go overboard with them. A little lime green or bright blue here or there can do a lot.

5. Who Says a Bathroom Can’t Have Furniture?

5. Who Says a Bathroom Can’t Have Furniture?

Most people keep arm chairs and tables out of the bathroom because there’s no room but also because it’s not typical to have furniture in a bathroom. At the same time, it’s not uncommon for the stylish bathrooms in expensive households and fancy hotels to have an arm chair or set of drawers there, so why not try it out for yourself?


Bathroom Ideas You Can Use

 Bathroom Ideas You Can Use


The Great American Bathroom Book

 The Great American Bathroom Book


The Bathroom: A Social History

 The Bathroom: A Social History

6. Try Vintage Tile Floors for a Timeless Look

If you have enough redesign funds to try ceramic tile, do it. Ceramic tile is tough and beautiful and will last forever, but to avoid having to exchange it for a more up-to-date style, go with a vintage ceramic tile because that never goes out of fashion. Black and white checkers or simply white is a great pattern for any room.

7. Counter Space Is Always an Asset in a Bathroom

The more counter space you can get, the better in a bathroom. But that can be tough when it’s a small room. To help add more, try to keep clutter off the top of your vanity and any surfaces near it. In this vein, shelves can go a long way, and they can also be useful for displaying nice things like towels, flower vases, books, candles or containers filled with useful items. For the latter containers, consider cotton balls, tissues or cotton swabs.

8. Clear Shower Doors Can Open Up the Space

If you want to try to open up the space in a smaller bathroom again, try the clear shower door option. This lets the eye look through the shower instead of right up until the shower curtain, and this makes people feel like they are in a bigger space than they actually are. In addition, it’s actually quite easy to find clear shower doors for a good price because there’s nothing too complicated to them. They’re also easy to clean and maintain over time.

9. Fresh Flowers Are Always a Nice Touch

When in doubt, fresh flowers are always a good idea. Try to use fresh flowers to enhance your space by getting a small vase and putting the cut flowers there and near a window for excellent light reflection.

10. Find a Way to Display Towels

Towels are different that shampoos, soaps and conditioners. When displayed in a neat stack, they look clean and crisp and can actually add coziness to the room, so that’s a win. Try to find a place that’s out of the way but reachable to display them for a great look.


The bathrooms in your home have some of the highest traffic of any room. For this reason, you’ve got to make sure you have a well-designed space that makes you feel comfortable, clean and cozy when you’re in it.

These 10 design ideas should get you started. If it’s difficult to do all of them, that’s ok. Just try one or two that you think will work in one of your own bathrooms, and go from there. Naturally, some of the designs will work better for certain bathrooms. For example, if you have a small bathroom, the added mirrors will help and so will the clear shower doors.

Remember also that you may need to purchase some things for your bathroom. Get the best of the best the first time to save money in the long run and make your bathroom look great along with these design ideas!